Pick Kitchen Ingredients to Control Greying Hair

Silver hair, for the most part connected with maturing, is currently a typical issue among youths. One can stay away from the issue by going common, says master.

On-screen character Anna Friel, 36, blends curry leaves with boiling point water and beverages it to keep up her characteristic brunette hair shading.

Capital-based hair transplant specialist Sakshee Sareen proposes more regular approaches to keep away from untimely turning gray of hair.

– Eat sustenance with supplements: Food things, for example, green verdant vegetables, tomatoes, bananas and cauliflower are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Their utilization will battle silver hair.

– Amla: Mix amla with coconut oil and apply it on your scalp consistently. This will likewise saturate your hair.

– Black tea: Prepare some dark tea and add one tablespoon of salt to it. Knead your head with this tepid tea. Give it a chance to keep focused hair for at any rate thirty minutes then wash it off.